Calco Lighting has teamed up with Best Quality Lighting to extend our line of product to include the best in low voltage lighting.


Best Quality Lighting is a manufacturer of Low Voltage Solid Die Cast Brass Outdoor Lighting Fixtures; you can feel the quality in the weight of these fixtures. Their mission is to provide high quality reasonable priced lighting fixtures with a powerful warranty. These lighting fixtures are produced with the top quality metals and are guaranteed to last and easy to maintain. All of the fixtures are designed with the customer in mind unlike most low voltage lighting these beauties have a completely tool less bulb change system. Pop off the top assembly plug in a new bulb and pop the assembly back on… absolutely no tools involved!




There is a great posting on titled Cheer Up Your Home with Light. Itlighting provides insight into how light has a significant effect on our mood and our overall health.The author also provides helpful tips on how to improve your mood and your home with a lighting make over. Improving your lighting scheme for mood enhancement should not be limited to the interior of your home. Many of us enjoy our outdoor patios, dining areas and out door living rooms, it’s important to make sure these areas are included in the make over as well. As proven by a number of studies, notably in regions with extremely abbreviated daylight hours, light can make a big difference in how we feel. So think about adding lamps and light fixtures to brighten dark areas and gloomy spirits. And, when natural light is available, enhance your home with energy lighting that enhances your mood and fits your sense of style.I’ve found some great resources at Home Tip.

Home Made Solar Panels

December 22, 2006

This was an interesting article that I found in the Blog section of Bob Villa’s home improvement site On The Level. The tile of the article is Sun, Sun, Sun Here It Comes, it’s a great Do It Yourself home project that utilizes solar energy and it’s easy on the pocket book. I’ll just quote from the article.

“Built using a combination of materials found in a junkyard and materials on-hand, the solar heater panel was the brain-child of a member of The Sietch, an online community of environmentally-conscious folks who come up with cool and cheap new ways to cut energy costs and preserve our planet. The motivation for the project was simple enough—much of a home’s energy usage is from heating hot water, and since the sun is free…So they raided a junkyard for parts and put together a solar thermal panel that was capable of heating water up to 170º F—hot enough to scald. Their eventual goal is to modify the unit to get the water up to boiling. I can’t wait to read how they do it. Kudos to these folks for their innovative and resourceful ways. Check out the website to see the step-by-step construction of the solar thermal panel, and then go out and do it yourself! If we all did a little bit, we’d save a lot.”

If you would like the complete story on how to make your own solar panels go to The Sietch where you can get details and photos on the entire project.

For those of us who want a maintenance free home there are a few options, steel and vinyl siding. These two options come from a number of reputable retailers and manufacturers but you’ll find that the steel option is the better way to go. Both will afford you the luxury of not having to paint you home every 5-10 years but the advantage of steel is that it can be completely seamless. ABC Seamless is a company that specializes in exterior home conversions with steel siding. Their siding is different from the others, because it’s SEAMLESS. Other sidings must be constantly overlapped every 12 feet to reach the length of your home, creating a pattern of unsightly splices. When evaluating a home for this type of make over you’ll need to take into consideration that the home will have 130 splices (cuts of material) to complete the job. That’s a lot of overlapping pieces that are easily visible for the street decreasing your homes curb appeal. ABC Seamless’ patented steel siding and manufacturing technique eliminates the UGLY splices. The most unique aspect of the process is that the manufacturing plant is portable! That’s right portable! Every piece of steel that goes onto a house is measured, formed and cut on site.

Vinyl siding will give you the same look but with splices, give good durability and requires little to no maintenance. But Vinyl won’t do well in a fire.

Now for your science lesson, vinyl melts at a temperature of roughly 300 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to steel, which is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. With this information you would choose steel, naturally. We are used to seeing wood siding houses with the splices and cracks, if you could have a home without these cosmetic defects and obtain a more energy efficient home, wouldn’t that be the way to go? With ABC Seamless Steel Siding, the siding is cut at the home site; there are no ugly gaps for moisture and rot to congregate. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing you to save money on your energy bills and do your part in helping the environment.

We’ve gotten many questions from people that are considering our indoor and outdoor lights for their homes. They’re asking about the differences between mass-produced lights vs. our custom made lighting and the differences in cost.

The easiest explanation is this. Our custom made lights are individually made for each order, this means we take a lot of pride in our craftsmanship to provide top quality lighting products. Each light fixture is born from a piece of sheet metal, which is hand measured, cut, formed and finished to create the end product. Each of our lights can be altered to fit the needs and home decor of the individual that is purchasing it, so every light fixture that we produce is unique to its order and the customer. This provides yousan gabriel with the ability to ask for special features that you may not find with pre-cut and pre-manufactured products. You’ll also find that in many cases the difference in price in minimal to pre-manufactured products and in some cases cheaper. You’ll also notice that our lighting fixtures are made with with higher quality materials like brass, stainless steel and thicker cuts of glass. You can view our metal and glass samples on line or order samples form our website at

sun bricks I found these on site called GIZMODO. This is a great solution for path lighting that’s cost effective and energy efficient. Sun Bricks, patio pavers are completely solar powered and soak up the sun during the day and light up your walkway after sun down. Each of these bricks are completely self-contained and they capable of providing up to 8 hours of light on a full charge. Each Sun Brick is equipped with two amber LEDs, and are sized the same as standard bricks, so you can swap out a few of your old bricks for some of these.

GIZMODO isn’t you’re ordinary outdoor lighting store , it’s a place with cool hi tech gadgets, mobile technologies andfun stuff for the home and office.

With this being the season for home improvement many of our customers are considering a complete remodel of their outdoor lighting. And with that said, they are often looking for the same fixture but in different configurations (hanging lights, wall lights, pilaster lights and post lights) to complete the look of their home. Often they’re unable to find all of the configurations on our website, which can be a little confusing. The answer to the dilema is simple… just ask. We can alter all of our lighting to meet your needs and the conversion of an existing style for example, hanging lanterns to a wall light is part of what we do- custom hand crafted lighting. We pride ourselves on our work and we’re happy to make the alterations to fit your needs. Additionally, many of our lights can be used for both your indoor and ourdoor home decor. You can make a request by submitting a simple form or contacting us by phone.